MIM Engineered Components for Defence Applications

INDO-MIM is one of the leading and trusted global suppliers for the firearm, hunting and sporting industry. With an experience of 26 years, we have produced over 3000+ different varieties of firearm products, supplying them across the globe. We come with in-house design support and world-class production facilities. We will do almost any part needed by the clientele’s production unit with a variety of materials. Besides, we are also capable of meeting both small and large batch-manufacturing requirements.

Why should you rely on INDO-MIM?
INDO-MIM Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading global manufacturer of complex metal components for firearm products using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process. We began producing MIM and Firearm components in 1997 and since then grown into one of the world’s largest MIM suppliers in the industry. We are a fully integrated MIM parts producer providing in-house product and tool design, mold making, custom feedstock production, and a host of secondary operations and assembly capabilities. We manage our own manufacturing, engineering, sales and warehousing services and facilities in US, Europe and India
The Difference
lNDO-MIM’s expertise rests on its cost-effective engineering and design excellence. We are extremely flexible to accommodate your diverse requirements and changes. Above all, our highly skilled and qualified team members are customer-driven and extremely fast.
MIM Firearm/ Hunting/ Sporting Product Solutions
Trigger, Hammer, Front/ Rear Sight, Safety Lever, Catch Barrel, Plate Body, Extractor, Recoil Spring Guide Rod, Disconnector, Front/ Rear Insert, Magazine Catch, Firing Pin Stopper, Sleeve Sight Stabilizer, Barrel Lock, Magazine Halter, Link, Trigger Guard, Sear
INDO-MIM Product Capabilities
  • Product design and material selection assistance
  • Industrial design services
  • Prototyping and low-volume development
  • High-volume MIM production
  • Automated manufacturing and inspection
  • Precision grinding and CNC machining
  • Heat-treating, plating, blackening and PVD coatings
  • Bead and grit blasting, machine and hand polishing
  • Plastic insert molding assembly and integration

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