Meeting the Critical Needs for Medical Devices – ISO 13485

INDO-MIM provides industry-leading solutions for medical devices, orthopedic and orthodontic applications. We are your single resource for medical products and surgical instruments from concept design and prototype through fabrication, integration and packaging. We provide cost-effective one-stop solutions for your most demanding medical product needs.

Partnering for Success
INDO-MIM forges solid partnerships with our medical device manufacturing customers so that we can provide maximum value over the life of a program. We meticulously plan a project with a select team dedicated to the program from beginning to end. Our APQP process is among the best in the business. It assures that we have adequate resources to bring the project in on time and with a smooth launch.
Stringent Process Control
INDO-MIM has built a reputation for meeting the strict quality requirements of the medical industry. Our quality systems are certified with ISO 13485:2016 standards. Every product we produce goes through a strict quality planning process which is then thoughtfully executed in production by every member of our team. Our ASQ-certified Lean Six Sigma team members continuously strive to improve every aspect of our operations.
Economical Solutions for Small Volume Requirements
Our cost-effective tooling capability combined with our skilled engineering resources allows for the manufacture of small production volumes not previously considered economical by MIM. INDO-MIM has developed innovative tooling concepts that lower the cost threshold to produce highly complex components that are usually produced by costly five axis machining. This is a much desired alternative to machining especially when a quick ramp in production volume is needed. INDO-MIM is well equipped to manage the high volume production needs for the disposable instruments market.
Material solutions for a variety Applications
INDO-MIM provides a wide variety of material solutions for surgical instruments, orthodontic appliances as well as orthopedic implants. For instruments, high strength and wear combined with good corrosion resistance can be found in our 17-4PH, 420 and 440C grade stainless steels. Our 316L grade stainless steel is a popular choice for applications requiring high ductility with excellent corrosion properties. For orthodontic appliances, we provide 17-4PH as well as Ni-Free grades of stainless steel. Orthopedic implant applications are growing for MIM and we are here with a full range of material solutions including Co-Cr as well as Titanium alloys with HIP processing for these critical applications. Besides our standard array of off the shelf solutions, INDO-MIM maintains a world-class materials laboratory to develop a custom solution for your most demanding products.
Providing a total solution
INDO-MIM continues to invest in not only the latest MIM technology, but also in the most advanced capabilities in finish machining, heat-treating, and performance surface coatings. We not only provide world-class MIM products but a full range of services including plastic injection molding, insert molding, supply chain management as well as integration and packaging in our ISO Class 8 cleanroom.
MIM Medical Product Solutions
  • Surgical Instruments Endoscopic graspers & scissors, instrument bodies, scalpel handles, forceps, endoscopy, ablation electrodes
  • Orthopedic Trauma plates, screws, spine (implants & external fixation), orthopedic surgery tools (power & hand)
  • Orthodontic & Dental Orthodontic brackets, dental instruments
  • Hearing Devices Housings, implants
Medical Capabilities
  • Product design and material selection assistance
  • Prototyping and low volume development
  • Low and high volume MIM production
  • Micro-molding
  • Automated manufacturing and inspection
  • Precision grinding and CNC machining
  • Laser cutting and welding
  • Heat-treating and PVD surface coatings
  • Micro-blasting and passivation
  • Plastic insert molding
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Integration and packaging in ISO Class 8 clean room

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