MIM Advantages

Advantages of Metal Injection Molding(MIM)

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an established and proven manufacturing technique for producing small, complex, tight-tolerance and high-performance metal parts. MIM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal forming techniques such as machining, investment casting, and powder metallurgy.

Complexity Simplified

“Metal Injection Molding” excels at applications that require shape complexity and material properties (high strength, magnetic permeability and corrosion resistance) that cannot be fulfilled by plastic and light metal alloys. It offers tremendous single-step parts consolidation potential that makes it a competitive alternative to stamped/machined-parts assemblies. Many design and economic limitations of traditional metalworking technologies can be readily overcome by MIM.

Today, MIM is serving critical performance applications in a wide range of industries and products including, automotive, commercial aerospace, cellular telephones, dental instruments, electronic heat sinks and hermetic packages, electrical connector hardware, industrial tools, fiber optic connectors, fluid spray systems, hard disk drives, pharmaceutical devices, power hand-tools, surgical instruments, and sporting equipment.

INDO-MIM is MIM metal supplier.

Material Variety & Integrity

Superior strength, magnetic, and corrosion properties due to high density achieved when compared to conventional powdered metal, plastics and die-casting.

Net shape components from otherwise hard to process materials like Superalloys, Tungsten alloys and Titanium.

Isotropic and homogeneous microstructure for uniform material properties.

Capability to create alloys that are not available in wrought or cast form.

Ability to make engineered density materials for weight critical applications.

Cost Effective Design Flexibility

Allows the freedom to manufacture complicated shapes that would be considered cost prohibitive by other methods.

Provides for the manufacture of micro-sized parts in high volumes.

Capable of producing features that cannot be achieved by investment casting such as small holes, thin walls and fine surface detail.

Achieves net shape features such as internal and external threads, profiled holes and finely detailed surface textures, knurling, engravings and markings.

Production scalability that allows from thousands to millions of parts, quickly and efficiently.

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