MIM Secondary Process

Metal Injection Molding Secondary process & steps


Finishing may be required to remove certain injection molding features such as gate marks, ejector pin marks, or parting lines. It may also be possible to remove these features in the as molded state

MIM Finishing
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Metabuild offers ultrasonic cleaning to thoroughly remove particulate from solid surfaces.


Plating can be applied to the sintered metal surfaces in essentially the same way as for cast and wrought surfaces. Even the simple zinc plating we offers 100 hours salt spray test.

MIM plating
MIM heating

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment can be done to all conventionally heat treatable metals with essentially the same results. If your parts have a specific hardness requirement, Metabuild’s heat treatment services can get the job done.


Metabuild’s passivation services are used to ensure a part’s metallurgical stability by making its surface more passive and corrosion resistant.

MIM Passivation
MIM Assembly


All simplest to most complicated assemblies provided so that you get ready to use/dispatch part

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