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  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Precision Turned
  • Components on Automatic Lathes
  • Investment Casting Components
  • High Pressure Die Casting Components
  • Gravity Die Casting Components
  • All Hardware Parts
  • Plastic Moulding Components

Structure of Organization

In business for over 29 years, Meta Build serves the metal industry. Under the creative guidance of the company’s founder, Mr. Mahesh Chhatbar, we have worked diligently over the years to offer our customers high-quality, individually designed products and services that surpass their expectations. We’ve been able to establish ourselves as a reputable manufacturing company with US $ 6 Million in yearly sales and a highly skilled expert staff of more than 140 employees during these years of our continual path toward achieving quality and customer satisfaction.

Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a manufacturing process aimed at providing cost-effective and time-efficient alternatives to traditional methods. It’s particularly advantageous due to its capability to accurately shape various materials into finished products with precise dimensions, ranging from 0.003 to 0.005 inches, and volumes from 0.0001 to 0.0025 cubic inches. This versatility makes MIM beneficial for industries such as aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Defence, Industrial and Medical, where intricate components are often required.

During the MIM process, finely ground metal is combined with a binder to create a feedstock, which is then injected into die cavities using an injection molding machine. The resulting part, known as the “Green Part,” retains the desired shape but contains excess binder material.

Subsequently, the majority of the binder is removed from the green part through processes such as water, thermal, or solvent processing. The remaining binder is eliminated as the component undergoes sintering, a process where it is heated in a controlled-atmosphere furnace. During sintering, the metal particles fuse together, resulting in a solid and dense metal component with high precision.

The MIM process bears similarities to plastic injection molding and high-pressure die casting, enabling it to produce a wide array of shapes and configuration features. Its ability to handle medium- to large-scale production of intricate shapes makes MIM a valuable technique for various manufacturing applications.

Key Applications

  • Automotive Systems
  • Orthodontics
  • Medical and Dental Instruments
  • Hardware and Lock Parts
  • Aerospace


Meta Build is a top-tier, cutting-edge manufacturing facility with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.

Business Profile

We produce more than 1500 different types of components using a variety of materials, including aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, stainless steel and alloys, mild steel, plastic and rubber, brass, and bronze. The current production capacity, including all the various components, is 5000000 units. 

The company began operations by turning incredibly small but precisely sized components on automatic lathes, and it now produces all parts for industrial assemblies and applications. These product assemblies include parts made from investment casting, high-pressure die casting, low-pressure die casting, TRAUB components, sheet metal parts, and plastic molding components; each component is machined to the highest precision standards and finished in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

Our Merits​

  • The realization of the client’s business objectives, along with our rigorous commitment to the ethical standards of public relations, enables us to provide our clients with innovative and creative solutions that exceed their expectations.
  • Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.
  • Creative approaches to the client’s special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions.
  • Teamwork based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines.
  • Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.
  • Strong technical background.

Our Green & Earth Policy

The emphasis that we give to quality in our service and product, is also extended to the environment that we exist in.

We Care by​

  • Not using any harmful dyes that can destroy the environment
  • Making the manufacturing process as green and environmentally friendly as possible
  • Safest disposal of manufacturing waste, if any

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